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Wind Energy Works As Farm Policy Evolves--
ACGF WINDPOWER 2006 Poster Presentation..

ACGF-Poster Abstract Author: Dan McGuire.  Click on the image to view or print the Windpower 2006 Poster. ...(pdf) Poster
WASHINGTON, DC, June 5, 2006---Wind energy offers a new and critically important means for farmers and rural America to help mitigate two looming economic threats to the rural economy. One threat stems from proposals on the table at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Escalating agricultural input costs from fossil fuel prices is the other threat.

In 2006 farmers and rural citizens face serious economic uncertainty. The federal farm program safety net has accounted for over 50% of net farm income in recent years but may be dismantled or severely reduced given U.S. proposals before the WTO. The U.S. Trade Representative announced plans to slash domestic farm program benefits by 50-60 percent. The WTO agenda, combined with the growing federal deficit, could place farm programs in serious jeopardy, a serious threat to the rural economy.

ACGF-Poster Abstract Author: Dan McGuire.  Click on the image above to view or print the Windpower 2006 Poster.